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Our Features

Seamlessly attach files of any type

Customizable printing formats

Creating voice events, tasks, and notes

Create Tasks and Subtasks

Create and View Notes in Two Formats

Send birthday wishes right from the app

Secure the application

User-Friendly Widgets

Customizable Navigation Icon

Backup & Restore for Data Protection

About Our Company

Over the years, we have traversed a long path in developing our product, starting with the establishment of our company in early 2017. Our team has always aimed to create multifunctional IT products, including a range of simple and user-friendly solutions for effective time management and activity planning.

We believe that a multifunctional and high-performance application should not have a cumbersome interface – it should be straightforward and easy to use. Our team comprises skilled professionals in the field of planning and developing multifunctional IT products, each specializing in a specific domain.

We are adaptable and strategically oriented, always seeking efficient plans for different situations. Our strategic thinking enables us to set objectives, determine priorities, and identify potential risks and opportunities.

We are a creative IT company, and our team consists of talented and passionate specialists. We create unique solutions that reflect our users' values and align with their goals.

Price Plan


  • Standard calendar functions
  • Sync with the Reminders app
  • Creating, editing notes
  • Birthdays tab
  • Important tab
  • Ability to draw in notes
  • Custom navigation icon (user-selectable)
  • Change Calendar Themes
  • Change themes of Calendar widgets


  • Voice events, tasks, and notes
  • Attaching files to events, tasks, and notes
  • Converting events into tasks and vice versa
  • Copying events
  • Print
  • Five private calendars
  • Configurable number of days in view (week)
  • Viewing weeks in various formats
  • Graphic visualization of busyness
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Unlimited accounts in the 'Budget' section
  • Forwarding tasks, notes, and events
  • Changing account when editing
Started with PRO


I ponied out an issue with the map when adding addresses to the location field for events. The developer responded promptly, agreed with my comments, and fixed the problem. Excellent customer service and a fantastic calendar/reminder app. Previous review: When a location (address) is included in an event the accompanying map is displayed as a narrow strip. Nothing useful is revealed as a result. Latest version addresses issue of map.

Phillip Calzoni
Director Payments & Risk | HubSpot London, United Kingdom

Здесь я думаю надо откорректировать сделать место для звезд и убрать должность внизу

Phillip Calzoni
Director Payments & Risk | HubSpot London, United Kingdom

A very useful app for busy people like me. All my daily and weekly tasks are always in front of my eyes, it is very convenient and leaves no chance to forget something

Phillip Calzoni
Director Payments & Risk | HubSpot London, United Kingdom

These people get the message. I’m able to save all data on my network without using the cloud. The calendar and task/notes apps work perfectly and I’ve been looking for apps like this for a long, long time. I highly recommend everyone try these apps.

Phillip Calzoni
Director Payments & Risk | HubSpot London, United Kingdom

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